Eyeco is a local, Brooklyn based optical boutique offering an exquisite collection of true boutique eyewear lines that reflect the culture of Brooklyn

We are a full optometry practice, equipped and staffed to address your vision and optometry needs.

What’s important to us: 

  • Be thorough and accurate
  • Provide an outstanding “Customer Experience”
  • Make Eyeco a fun place to be

Continuity and Longevity

Williamsburg has seen a lot of optical stores come and go, but it’s been home for us since 2002.

If there’s something to be said about consistency and continuity, no other optical business or optometry practice can claim that kind of longevity in the local, neighborhood of Williamsburg.

Our Team

Elando Questelles - Licensed Optician

  • Lab/Store Manager
  • New York State Board Ophthalmic Dispensing Certified
  • American Board of Opticianary Certified   
  • Graduate of New York City College of Technology
  • Brand Ambassador



Diana Dimare

  • Customer Service
  • Patient Care
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Optician
  • Graduate of Ohio State University, Bachelor of Arts